Unique Properties of The Right C®

  1. Better absorption - up to 400% better than regular vitamin C.
  2. Stomach gentle - non-acidic, pH neutral.
  3. Contains 5% of our Riboperine metabolite complex, shown to enhance the uptake and absorption of vitamin C into the body.
  4. A powerful vitamin C with EnterCell and MultiPath technologies.
  5. Enters the body through multiple pathways, providing several routes for vitamin C to be absorbed into the cells more rapidly.
  6. More rapid absorption is the mechanism by which The Right C provides higher vitamin C levels in the body, enhancing its bioavailability.
  7. Improved bioavailability means that all of the important benefits of vitamin C - including its powerful anti-oxidant activity, role in strengthening immune system function and importance in collagen production - are all expected to be improved.
  8. Sodium ascorbate used in The Right C enhances entry into the cells via the body's sodium-dependent pathways.
  9. Sodium ascorbate is different than sodium chloride - no 'table salt' side effects.
  10. Completely water soluble, allowing The Right C to go easily into solution for better absorption.
  11. Not just a single molecule but an effective combination of nutrients formulated and manufactured to maximize the body's potential.
  12. A better form of vitamin C that can be taken in higher doses without the side effects common to many other forms of vitamin C, including gastrointestinal upset.”