What makes The Right C:registered: different than other vitamin C products

The Right C:registered: is a technologically advanced and more bioavailable form of vitamin C. It is specially formulated to be absorbed faster and more completely by the body.

How does it achieve this?
With its unique EnterCell:tm: and MultiPath:registered: Technologies, The Right C:registered: is able to enter the cell through multiple pathways. Most other vitamin C products use only one pathway to transport vitamin C into the cell.

This breakthrough development significantly enhances the rate of absorption and, therefore, availability of vitamin C to your body's cells.

Also unique to The Right C:registered: is Riboperine:tm:, a proprietary metabolite complex which has been shown to enhance the uptake of vitamin C up to four times more than other forms of vitamin C.

Can I mix The Right C:registered: with juice or water?
Yes! The Right C:registered: powder dissolves readily in water or your favorite beverage to provide a pleasant tasting vitamin C drink. Keep in mind that if the beverage is acidic (orange juice, soda pop, etc.), this may defeat the pH neutral property of The Right C:registered:.

What if I just took more of another vitamin C - wouldn't I get the same benefits?
Because The Right C:registered: is absorbed more rapidly and more completely into your body, the overall benefits of vitamin C are also more likely to be enhanced and longer lasting than with other vitamin C products. These benefits include vitamin C's important roles as an anti-oxidant (and in helping to recycle other anti-oxidants such as vitamin E), in strengthening your immune system and in collagen production.

In fact, The Right C:registered: not only provides powerful anti-oxidant protection, our enhanced formulation may also improve cellular energy (ATP) production as well as support other anti-oxidant defense mechanisms in the body - two benefits not available from other vitamin C products!

Will it upset my stomach?
The Right C:registered: is specially designed to be gentle on the stomach and digestive system, even at higher doses. The Right C:registered: is a buffered, pH neutral (non-acidic) form of vitamin C that allows for higher dosing without upsetting the stomach or digestive tract. Typically, individuals can take several grams daily, in divided doses, without experiencing the increased bowel looseness that can be a common side effect of ascorbic acid and other forms of vitamin C which are not as completely absorbed as The Right C:registered:.